Day 4 (continued!)

So we’re staying at the Ibis Paris Tour Eiffel Cambronne.  It’s all sleek and modern. The hotel is only .8km from the Eiffel Tower. Some of the rooms overlook the tower.  I’m hoping I get one of those! Talk about a room with a view! It would be so gorgeous to be able to look out the window and see the Eiffel Tower- especially at night!

Well, bon nuit my loves! I miss all of you! I hope you’re leaving me lots of love!

Day 4: Chartres and… Paris!

Oh god, you guys!

Today we’re singing at the Chartres Cathedral. It’s soooo gorgeous, arguably the most beautiful cathedral in all of France.  Just look at this window:

Bam! I get to sing here! <3

After that we’re off to………. PARIS. :D

By now I’m up in the air… *gulp* Odds are I’m listening to my iPod. Mhmm. Drowning out the noise of annoying passengers. Wooop.

It’s 10pm Michigan time… I’ll be landing at 11:25am in Paris! (Their time, of course!)

Je t’aime!

I’m leaving for France today.

I’ll be flying across the pond in a matter of hours.  We’re about to leave for the Detroit International Airport. My first plane trip…

I’m excited/happy/exhausted/pumped/jittery/chipper!  I hope you guys leave me lots of love while I’m gone… I won’t have my phone so call/text/message/whatever! When I get back I want something to keep me busy! Also, I have my laptop. Hit me up! <3

I have a TON of posts coming… there should be at least 1 a day! We’ll see how this goes.

Lots of love everyone! I’ll miss you.

Au Revior!